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Customised Tie Printing

Mar 16

Promotioal Corporate Tie Printing Supplier in Singapore 


A genuinely corporate customised tie has colours, patterns and designs a woven tie desire for.

For a corporate tie printing that really represents your business logo or picture without limitations-- only a printed necktie can capture your corporate branding.

Always the costs & elegant choice for the worlds high-end marquee brand names- custom printed ties represent the finest in all neckwear concepts because of the detail feasible with printing.

Without colour restrictions or layout constraints- the only choice you have for your customized tie is which base fabric- polyester or silk for your printed tie?

Fad corporate specialise in every aspect of promotional neckwear.

From our in house designers to our factory managers- the finest of fonts & the most finished of colour tones will be replicated on our neckwear with specialist simplicity.

A bespoke digitally printed company tie using the latest in digital technology or a personalized neckwear layout that needs to capture "la Dolce Vita" and only a Como artesian can catch?

Fad Corporate. The only company in Singapore whose interest is to take your company photo, business logo design or personalised connection idea as well as print the customized tie your brand name is worthy of. Call Aquaholic Gifts today for your promotional ties and apparel needs.