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Hiring a Family Lawyer in Thailand

Sep 19

Hiring a Thai lawyer can be a daunting task. Many expats don't find much information about this process on the internet. That's probably because people are afraid to post negative reviews because they'll be sued. But with this expat guide, you'll learn how to find the right lawyer for your needs, ask the right questions, and get the best possible legal representation.


Lawyer for Drafting Thai Prenuptial Agreement

A Thai Prenuptial Agreement is an important document to protect one of the partners in a marriage from the debts and assets of the other. These agreements prevent one partner from being forced to sell their property to pay for secret debts. A prenuptial agreement is not required to be signed in a Thai court, but it can protect one party's interest.

The document is not hard to draft, but a lawyer can make sure that it is legally binding. A Thai family law attorney can help you draft a prenup that is recognized by the Thai courts. This ensures that your wishes will be followed in the event of a divorce.


Marriage Registration Thailand

The first step of Marriage Registration in Thailand is preparing the paperwork. A Thai lawyer can help you prepare your paperwork and understand Thai marriage laws. Foreigners who plan to marry in Thailand must obtain clearance from their respective embassies. They must also submit a Single Certificate from their home country to the Thai embassy.

The paperwork for Marriage Registration in Thailand can be time-consuming. Often, you will be required to travel from the government office to the government office in Bangkok to get the documents. This can easily turn your vacation into a grueling working holiday. In addition, prenuptial agreements need to be handled by a qualified law firm.

If you and your partner are legally able to marry in Thailand, you should consider drafting a prenuptial agreement. This document needs to be signed by both parties and registered with the local government. In Thailand, a prenuptial agreement will protect your interests and those of your dependents. It can also stipulate the disbursement of personal property. However, this type of agreement does not apply to jointly-owned properties.


Hire a Lawyer Before Filing a Divorce in Thailand

If you're considering filing for divorce in Thailand, it's a good idea to hire a divorce lawyer. The divorce process in Thailand can be very complex, especially if you and your spouse disagree on issues such as child custody and property division. Without the assistance of a lawyer, you risk losing control of the process and possibly agreeing to an unfavorable property settlement. Divorce lawyers can guide you through the entire process.

To file for divorce in Thailand, you must go to any district office (known as a "Khet" in Bangkok or "Amphur" outside of Bangkok). These administrative offices will process uncontested divorces if you meet certain requirements. However, if there are children involved, you may want to consider filing for a court-ordered divorce.