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Family Legal Services in Thailand for Foreigners

Nov 26

Whether you are planning to marry in Thailand or have already done so, you should be aware of the different legal services that can be used in the country. From divorce to marriage registration to prenuptial agreements, there is a wide range of services that can be used by foreigners.

Prenuptial Agreement

Usually, foreigners who want to marry a Thai spouse engage in Prenuptial Agreement. This type of agreement helps them protect their assets and ensure that their children receive the property. These agreements are also helpful in cases where one spouse has substantial assets.

A Prenuptial Agreement is a legal document signed by the couple before marriage. It helps them protect their assets and prevents any significant disputes. The agreement should be written by both spouses and witnessed by two people. The agreement must also be valid and enforceable in Thailand.

A Prenuptial Agreement in Thailand must be drafted under Thai civil law. It must also conform to the Thai Civil and Commercial Code. Moreover, it must not be contrary to good morals and public order. If the agreement is contrary to the public order, the agreement is considered void.

The prenuptial agreement should be registered with the Family Officer. It must also be signed by both parties. It may also be witnessed by a witness provided by the marriage registry. The agreement must be given to the Registrar at the time of marriage registration.

The prenuptial agreement should state the rights and responsibilities of the parties in a divorce. It is also useful in ensuring that the assets are divided fairly and equally between the parties. The agreement may also provide for a sole right of management over the jointly owned assets. It may also provide for the payment of child support.

Marriage Registration in Thailand

Getting married in Thailand can be a wonderful experience. The country is famous for its beautiful beaches and warm atmosphere. Besides, the country is also known for its relatively easy marriage registration process.

To begin the marriage registration process, foreigners have to go to the country's embassy in Bangkok. They have to present their passports and fill out forms. They must also have their documents translated. Once they have all the documents, they have to go to the Legalization Division of the Consular Affairs Department.

After all the paperwork is in order, the marriage is officially registered. The marriage certificate is issued in Thai. The registrar will ask both parties to confirm their acceptance of the other person in matrimony. In addition, they will be required to sign the marriage certificate.

The Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs is in charge of marriage registration in Thailand. It is located in the north of Bangkok, near the Don Muang airport. It also accepts marriage applications by post. If you are interested in getting married in Thailand, check out the list of marriage registration offices offered by the Embassy.

Besides, Thai citizens can register their marriage at any District Office in the country. These offices are known as "Khet" or "Amphur". In addition, these offices also have the right to ask for additional documents.

Divorce in Thailand

Getting divorced in Thailand is relatively easy if you and your spouse are both eligible for a divorce. However, there are several steps to follow to get your divorce finalized.

First, you must have a valid marriage certificate. This will be required when you file for your divorce. In addition, both you and your spouse must be residents of Thailand.

The next step is to visit your local Amphur or District Office and complete the application for a divorce. During this process, you will be asked questions about your assets and finances. You will also need to provide a copy of your marriage certificate.

Once the application is complete, you will be given a divorce certificate. This will be a landscape-style form with a 50-baht fee attached. The form is in Thai and will include provisions for a property claim and other financial obligations.

The divorce process in Thailand can take up to a year. However, it can also be completed in as little as three months if all parties are willing to work together. You may need to report your divorce to your country of origin.

It is important to remember that your Thai spouse must agree to the divorce before it can be finalized. It is also important to consider that the process of divorce in Thailand differs from Western divorce practices. This is because the court system here is quite different from the Western system.