As we entered the first lockdown back in March 2020 and made the wholesale shift to working remotely practically overnight, it was considered a temporary situation. 

Fast forward to today, and we are still very much working remotely with a penciled in date to begin the slow return to offices in summer 2021. 

However, with research revealing that over 75% of the Stowe team want to combine home and office-based working post Covid19, this return will focus on a hybrid model offering flexibility and choice. 

So home working in the family law sector is here to stay, but what is it like to join a law firm remotely? 

Joining a family law firm – from home 

Charlie Elsworth, Talent Acquisition Partner, joined Stowe in April 2021 and shares her experiences of the onboarding process:

How would you describe your first day in a new job? Exciting? Nerve-wracking maybe? I would describe my first day at Stowe as ‘a wonderful whirlwind of meetings whilst never leaving the comfort of my home office’.

Before the pandemic, I could not have predicted that I would be onboarding for a new role remotely (and I certainly couldn’t have imagined successfully setting up all my IT equipment – who knew there were so many wires!). 

But here I am, a month into my new position in the Talent Team, and although I’ve joined the firm remotely, I feel integrated into the team and equipped with the tools and knowledge I need to succeed. 

The first week

Week one was all about immersing myself in the business; this included meetings with Marketing, Customer Care and Digital, and speaking to our lawyers to understand what makes Stowe so unique (the answer is definitely the people)

I had regular catch-ups with the Talent Team, allowing me to ask questions, get to grips with our systems and learn the ‘who’s who’ in the business, as well as a coffee break with the People Team where work talk is strictly prohibited!  

A shared experienced

Naturally, being part of the Talent Team, I have a vested interest in our onboarding approach and therefore reached out to other ‘newbies’ in the business to hear their experience. 

Q. Describe your onboarding experience in three words?

“Interactive, well-paced and welcoming.” Samantha Argyle (Quality and Risk Manager)

“Exciting, friendly and informative.” Amy Langford (Senior Solicitor, South West & Wales)

“Thorough, friendly and supportive.“ Liza Gatrell (Senior Solicitor)

Q. How does the reality of working at Stowe compare to your expectations?

“It has exceeded my expectations. I was apprehensive about starting a role virtually, but I cannot fault the process at all. In my first week, I met (via video) representatives from all departments and it has meant that when I have had questions about certain elements, I have felt comfortable approaching them directly. 

What really attracted me to Stowe was the team working element and the work/life balance. From day one, I have felt part of a team, supported and appreciated, but I have also noticed the positive impact that a good work/life balance has had on me. I am happier, and I absolutely love my job!”

Nicola Beasley (Solicitor, Esher)

Q. What helps you feel connected to your team whilst working remotely?

“I feel so lucky to work with a team who I can pick up the phone to at any time. We also have regular video calls and team drinks together. I was nervous about remote working and not meeting my team face to face but within the first couple of days, I felt at ease. Everyone I have met across the business has been welcoming, friendly and down-to-earth.”

Amy Langford (Senior Solicitor, South West & Wales)

“Knowing that they are just at the other end of the phone. Everyone has been really helpful and offered to assist with anything I might need as I settle in. I know everyone is really busy with their own roles, and so I am really grateful for the times they have carved out of their days to speak to me.”

Samantha Argyle (Quality and Risk Manager)

Being part of a team 

I, too, am quickly adapting to the Stowe way of life. What is apparent from day one is that everyone is integral to the success of Stowe, and there is always a bunch of people to turn to if you are struggling with something or have questions. 

We’re all part of the same team, whether we’ve met in real life yet, or as in my case, not quite yet.

Get in touch 

Charlie looks after the recruitment of Managing Partners and Solicitors in our Southern regions.

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