No one thinks a divorce is going to be a good thing as it can be rather frightening to know your life has been thrown into a tizzy.  You can be sure that friends and family will have plenty to say about your soon to be ex-spouse and have lots to offer in the way of advice.  This does not mean your divorce has to be difficult, nasty or otherwise.  Here are five myths that many people think are necessary during a divorce.

Myth One – I need a bulldog of a divorce lawyer.

There is very little need for a mean attorney any longer.  Courts are overworked, and an attorney fighting hard for a client will do very little to sway the court in their client’s favor.  Most divorces, over 90 percent, are settled despite who represents you and your interests.  Most courts want a friendly resolution – often before trial and often after spending tens of thousands of dollars.

Myth Two – I want to keep my house.

Is keeping the house really in the best interest of you and the family?  You could end up with more house than necessary and delay your recover time – personal and financial.

Myth Three – I will worry about finances after the divorce is over.

Planning before a divorce is just like planning before marriage or starting a career.  This can help you reach a settlement fast and get a solid understanding of what is necessary for a current lifestyle maintenance.

Myth Four – It is for the kids.

Conflicts are a part of marriage, bucustody conflictt minimizing conflict is best for children.  Separate parenting often means truly putting the children first because parents have to think for the children’s best interest.  There will always be hurt to a degree, but this should not affect how you parent your children.

Myth Five – Divorce means failure.

This is simply not true.  Divorce is the outcome of hurt, change or lack of met needs.  This means both can move in a positive direction for the betterment of themselves and their children.  Some partnerships are not mean for permanency.  Instead, see it as a natural course of moving on.