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William Jones SEO Review - Full Review of William Jones SEO

Oct 24

William Jones SEO is  a Philippines-based SEO Expert that has been in the marketing and SEO industry for over 20 years. I have a passion and desire to help business owners like myself to achieve what has always seemed unattainable results.

If you have had difficulty in obtaining results then you’re in luck and have come to the right place. I am NOT the typical SEO in fact I hate the term SEO.

I am a self-taught Business Owner that has built my experience on actual real-world results and NOT theory from the talking heads of the SEO Industry or the armchair SEO Magicians.

The strategies I teach are the same proven strategies and techniques that I use in My agency (Rank Fortress) every single day. In fact, the very same strategies I teach are the same ones that I use to train My SEO staff. These are time-tested techniques that are proven to get you results if you apply them.

So sit back, get a pencil and paper and be prepared to throw away almost everything you have learned from the so-called SEO magicians and learn what it takes to rank your business with Google.

William Jones SEO Review

Rank Fortress was founded and created by William and Rowena Jones.

We are a team (more like a family) of 60+ highly skilled SEO professionals and web designers all hand trained by myself (William) in my Standard Operating Procedures. All of the Rank Fortress Staff came to me not knowing how to do SEO and I have taught them each everything that is needed to get a site or GMB listing ranked. The other 90% of our staff have an IT technological background and some of which are software engineers as well.

When I first started my Agency it was just myself and over the past year we quickly grew our agency to where it is now. With a specialized staff, each staff member has specific tasks they are responsible for. For example, where at most SEO agencies and SEO would handle everything regarding SEO and thus not get the results you need. I hand train each staff member on a specific task, such as GMB posts, GMB Optimization, Technical SEO, Click Through Rate Manipulation On-page SEO, content and so much more.

The difference between Rank Fortress staff and your average SEO agency, is I actually live in the Philippines and we all work together at my house. We go places together, have outings together and for me each of my team are more like my own sons.


William Jones SEO – Personal Life

The biggest influence on my life outside of God is my family. They mean the world to me. Over 6 years ago my wife came into my life when I was in a dark place and God knew exactly who I needed. She is my everything and thankful to have her right next to me in this wild journey called life.

I met her over 6 years ago while she was working abroad as what the Filipinos call an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker). You see most Filipino women have to go work abroad to support their family back home in the Philippines, all the while working in a land around people they have never met. Since meeting my beloved wife, I flew her back home to the Philippines, wound up visiting twice, and falling in love with not only the Filipino people but also the country.

My goal has and always will be to give the Filipino people a choice to be able to stay home with their family and make a good living without having to go work overseas leaving their family behind.


William Jones SEO Review